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According to the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare, declining veterinary visits for cats and dogs are posing a risk to their health.  Dr. Michael Moyer, AAHA President, stated during a press conference “we’re seeing some evidence…of increasing disease prevalence, and these diseases are the kind of things that are very easily prevented.”

It is our responsibility to improve the quality of care to our patients and notify their owners or guardians of the importance of preventative care.  If we are able to treat or correct problems when they first arise it can prevent serious complications and possible catastrophic events from occurring.

We strongly recommend regular health evaluations for your pet.  Remember pets age approximately 4 years to every one of our years.  Therefore, performing yearly exams for your adult pet and semi-annual exams for your senior pet with periodic blood work can provide the type of health care that will serve your family member for a long and healthy life.

We have provided for your benefit a list of trusted websites you can access for reliable and accurate information concerning your pet.  We hope you find these websites helpful.

Useful Resources for You and Your Pet

Healthy Pet -
Veterinary Nutrition -
Pet Information -
Centers for Disease Control -
Cats -
Pet Information -
Cats -
Indoor Pets -
Pet Information -
Animal Health -
Pet Information -

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